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Me Mother Earth

Me Mother Earth - Silicone Food Storage Bags 3 Pack

Me Mother Earth - Silicone Food Storage Bags 3 Pack

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These reusable silicone bags replace plastic to pack your lunch & store food. Comes in a 3-pack: 1-small and 2-medium.

Multifunctional: Our reusable bags are leak-proof, waterproof, microwave safe, freezer, and dishwasher safe making them super versatile in a variety of settings. Pack your snacks or pack your toiletries!

Temperature Resistant and Durable: The silicone material is resistant to low and high temperatures (up to 450F). Store hot food, sous-vide food, wash in the dishwasher, refrigerate or freeze!  

Material: Our reusable silicone bags are made from the highest quality BPA-free, food-grade silicone. The top sealing component is a durable plastic making the bags leak-proof and airtight- keeping food fresh while keeping odors and liquids inside. After use, you can fold them up or lay them flat, which is very convenient for storing in the kitchen drawer or hanging on the hooks of the pantry.

Sizes: Set includes 1 Small and 2 Medium. Small holds 16 oz or 500 ml, Medium holds 30 oz or 1000 ml.

How to Use: To open, pinch near the top and slowly slide the sealer AWAY from the loop. To close, pinch near the top and slowly slide the sealer the direction the arrow is facing (towards the loop). Go slow so the slider will stay on the silicone track, if you force it, it will be difficult to close. 

Easy to Clean: Empty, turn the bag inside out, and place them on the top shelf of your dishwasher or hand wash with hot soapy water. You can use a cup or jar to allow the bag to dry out. 

Packaging: Comes in a recyclable paper sleeve to hold together. Please wash before use.

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