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Aimee's Homemade

Aimee's Homemade- Teething Tonic

Aimee's Homemade- Teething Tonic

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Teething happens, and we all wish we could do something to help the little ones feel better. Well, now you can! Aimee's Homemade Teething Tonic is organic and non-gmo, and safe for little ones aged 4 months and up! Free of dyes, essential oils, corn, soy, alcohol, sweeteners, artificial flavorings, and preservatives, this all-natural teething tonic is designed to help littles feel better fast.

Teething tonic is composed of cloves for oral pain, chamomile to promote relaxation, and catnip to promote restful sleep. Yes, that same herb that makes your cat insane is actually a sleep aid for humans! All the herbs are infused into non-gmo vegetable glycerin to yield a potent, shelf stable glycerite.

Packaged in a 1oz dropper bottle for easy on the go use... just toss it into your diaper bag or purse to have on hand when you need it! A must-have item for any new parent, Teething Tonic makes a great baby shower or newborn gift.

Grab your bottle today!

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