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Girasol - Amber Corney Ringsling Little Lala

Girasol - Amber Corney Ringsling Little Lala

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Weave: Crustwill

How sewn? gathered Suitable for: newborn to toddler age, also suitable for premature babies (after consultation with midwife and pediatrician)

description: The ring sling is made from the Girasol sling in proven hand weaving with custom-made aluminum quality rings, gathered stitched and is available in two lengths.

The simple but amazing mechanics of the double rings make it quick and safe to put on ring sling. The ring sling can be used from birth (also suitable for premature babies) and is often the perfect entry for anyone who wants an uncomplicated start to baby carrier. Even exhausted running children can still wear short distances in ringsling.

length? Material- sling fabric made of 100% cotton machine washable

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