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Kanga Care

Kanga Care - Pail Liner

Kanga Care - Pail Liner

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Size: 26" tall 33" around the base 51" around the top Pail liner is cylindrical shaped and tapers slightly towards the bottom to allow more volume and fit your pail perfectly! Barrier Seam Sealing Technology:Drawstring Closure: Fits any pail size.Place in pail and cinch the drawstring down with the toggle for a snug and exact fit. No gluing" nor ironing" to seal seams. Seams are physically sealed away from moisture! NO-Stink Fabric: This pail liner keeps the waterproof laminate on the inside where the dirty diapers are. This keeps the dirty diapers off the fabric, which can cause permanent stink issues. Made from compostable fabrics: biodegradable TPU laminate and corn spun polyester. Made responsibly in Chinaunder Swiss Certificateby a Danish Mom-Owned Company

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