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Lanco-Toys - Teethers

Lanco-Toys - Teethers

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Monstera Deliciosa, cactus, and pineapple - the origin of life: intense green, colored flowers, fresh fruits, and deep forests.

These are some of the seeds we plant and water to a greener life for our babies.

Dimension: Monstera Deliciosa 3.93"x0.27"x3.54", Cactus 2.36"x0.39"x3.14", Pineapple 3.14"x0.39"x3.54".

Cactus, Star, Indigo Earth. Gea is an inspiration to get in touch with our intimate connection with nature. Designed and developed in collaboration with Wanatoy, a group of professionals based in Barcelona, Spain.

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