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The Rumble Jar

Rumble Jar: Half gallon size (64oz), filter-only (no Mason jar included)

Rumble Jar: Half gallon size (64oz), filter-only (no Mason jar included)

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That same great professional-grade cold brew filter, but twice the size! Introducing the XL version of our award-winning Rumble Jar. This half gallon version doubles the amount of cold brew coffee you can make, so now you can brew a batch big enough to last for several days. The filter is compatible with standard half-gallon/64oz Mason jars (not included).

Make barista-quality cold brew coffee at home. Rumble Jar is a next-generation cold brew coffee maker, designed to work in tandem with the classic Mason jar. With this filter plus a compatible half-gallon Mason jar, you've got all the equipment you need to make cold brew coffee at home that tastes as good as the stuff you buy in stores. Just take your favorite coffee beans, grind them coarsely, add tap water and give it a rumble. Total prep time takes less than a minute, and by the morning you'll have delicious cold brew coffee ready to drink. Read more about what makes our filters so great

+ 18/8 Stainless Steel Cold Brew Filter, compatible with any standard 64oz (Half-Gallon) Mason Jar*
+ Food-Grade Silicone Cap, Available in 2 Colors (pics below)
+ Cotton Sock (optional 2nd stage filter)
*Mason jar not included. See which jars are compatible

Standalone filter also now available in the quart size (32oz)

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