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The Rumble Jar

The Rumble Jar - Rumble Go: Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker (filter only)

The Rumble Jar - Rumble Go: Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker (filter only)

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Rumble Go could be the world's most portable coffee maker. Just drop the Rumble Go filter into a compatible water bottle, and it's instantly transformed into a portable cold brew coffee maker. The brewing process couldn't be easier: just add coffee grounds and water and give it a "rumble", and your coffee is now brewing! See the brewing steps here


The universal, extendable filter is compatible with a range of popular 16-32oz WIDE-mouth water bottles, such as Nalgene®, Hydro Flask®, Klean Kanteen® and CamelBak®. See a list of compatible bottles (or view the image gallery below). 

Cold brew is the easiest way to make coffee away from home. See why

+ 18/8 Stainless Steel Filter, Specifically Designed for Cold Brew 
+ Food-Grade Silicone Cap & Extendable Base (available in 2 colors)

What makes our line of filters ideal for cold brew?

Rumble Go builds on the legacy of the original Rumble Jar by adapting the same award-winning filter so it can fit into more portable containers. Rumble Jar is built for your home. Rumble Go is built for the road.

Now it's simple to make professional-grade cold brew coffee anywhere you go, using a bottle you likely already own. Just take some coarsely-ground coffee beans, add some lukewarm water, and give it a quick "rumble". Total prep time takes less than a minute, and by the morning you'll have delicious cold brew coffee. Watch how fast a batch gets brewed

Stainless steel filter. Built out of dent-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, this surprisingly sturdy filter will have you saying goodbye to those flimsy mesh filters, plastic parts, or disposable paper filters. All that stuff was designed for making hot coffee anyway. Experts agree that coarsely-ground coffee beans make the best cold brew, and 200 microns is the ideal hole size for perfectly filtering coarse grounds. Any bigger and you'll get too much sediment. Any smaller and you're drinking weak-tasting coffee. 200 microns is "just right". Our filter also features three notches on the side, which are there to help guide you in brewing so there's no need to precisely measure your grounds. see it up close

Universal, extendable base and cap. Designed using BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade silicone, the base features 11 different height adjustments that extend the filter by up to 1.5" so it can fit into a wide range of popular 16-32oz wide-mouth bottles. The base and the cap work together to keep the grounds secured inside the filter while also acting as shock-absorbers to prevent rattling. The cap's design allows the filter to nest fully inside your bottle, so it won't interfere with your bottle's airtight, leakproof seal. Choose from 2 colors: Dark Black and Orangey-Red. see it up clos


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